Delivering Clean Energy

Insero Power prepares carbon-neutral solid combustion fuels, from wood and other biomass, for electrical power generators (Utilities) and industrial boiler users (CHP), and for the residential heating markets.

Insero Power provides a technical and commercial “bridge” between groups that grow, collect, or maintain access to biomass resources and those entities that are required or interested in combusting biomass to meet National and International Air Quality regulations.

This vertically integrated technical manufacturing service allows small businesses with access to raw wood, wood chips and waste wood, farmers, foresters, municipal governments, and many other groups with different biomass resources, to both participate in the commercial alternative-fuels market and frequently, solve a local waste problem.

Insero Power is dedicated to the development of sustainable biomass fuel production and looks to partner with like-minded groups interested in protecting, enhancing, and establishing biomass resources, while at the same time, focused on stimulating the local economy and participating in job development and growth strategies.

Vertically Integrated Fuel Services Company

Utilizing a team of professionals, Insero Power will find, organize, and manage the collection, storage, and preparation of a wide range of different biomass based biofuels.

Flexible production methods and the introduction of new technology allows solid biofuels to be tailored specifically to meet the combustion requirements of Utilities and Industries looking for the ability to combust 100% biomass or to cofire with other fuels, such as coal.

If and when local biomass resources (wood and wood byproducts) are unavailable to meet local and regional solid fuel product demand, Insero Power will organize and manage the planting of dedicated energy crops for this purpose.

Insero Power has access to a wide variety of plant species and plant technology that can simultaneously reduce chemical use and increase crop yields when included in crop rotation programs, plant species which can reclaim and repair poor soils and brown field sites, and plant species suitable for weed control, naturalization and beautification programs.

Dedicated energy plants are available for all regions in the US and Canada and do not displace or compete with food crops. Insero Power manages all aspects of biomass production and fuel manufacture to maintain carbon-neutrality and provide access to the maximum amount of carbon credits available to the combustion site.

  Biofuel Services

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